How to write Google Ads Copy –

In order to write Google Ads copy you need to have a good understanding of features and benefits and the differences in each to your customer.

Features and benefits are an important part of any Google ad.

Effectively explaining the features and benefits of your product is vital to convincing your potential customer to make a purchase.

It is therefore critical to understand the differences between features and benefits, and how to use both in your Google Ads copy.

The features of your product are essentially the aspects your product has.

They are the concrete things that are integral to your product or that come with it, such as its size, the materials it is made of, the functions it has, and the accessories it comes with.

Features are equally important when you are selling a service.

Services have features too, just like a physical product.

For example, you may offer a consultancy service that includes certain kinds of advice or covers a certain amount of consultancy hours.

Benefits, on the other hand, are the positive outcomes your customer will receive when they purchase your product or service.

These represent the value your product has for your customer.

In explaining your product’s benefits, you explain to your customer what advantages it has for them and why they should buy your product over your competitors’.

For you to be able to properly explain the benefits of your product, first, you need to know these benefits inside and out.

Make sure you are clear on your product’s features and benefits, and which are which.

You can then ensure that you mention the features in your Google Ads copy and fully explain the benefits so you convince your potential customer to buy your product.

Features can be persuasive to customers, especially if they already know what they are looking for.

For example, a consumer may want a laptop with a specific screen size, or a cloud storage service with a specific amount of storage capacity.

However, it is the benefits that will really convince them to buy one product over another.

For this reason, you should mention as many of both your product’s features and benefits as possible in your Google Ads copy.

In preparing your ad, make a list of all of the features of your product.

Next, note down the benefits that each and every feature delivers to your customer.

You should then include these benefits in your ad copy, using persuasive language that makes your potential customer feel certain emotions and compel them to buy.

Going back to our example of our ad for Finishing Line’s pre-summer sale, we can start drafting our Google Ads copy by thinking about the features and benefits we want to include in the ad.

For example, an important feature that the running shoes on sale incorporate the latest technology.

The benefits that customers can expect to receive include getting fit for summer by using the shoes, as well as better performance and a safer workout due to improved technology.

We are going to mention all of these in the description fields:

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