How to use Google Ads Keyword Planner –

If you don’t want to include any brand name keywords on your list, you should turn this option off.

Targeting branded keywords needs to be done with caution.  If your targeting a branded keyword to try and effectively redirect traffic from a competitor or a brand then you will likely need very deep pockets as  Google’s adrank system will make it harder together with their trademark management system. 

We would in most cases recommend staying away from branded keywords unless you sell that brand and have received permission from the brand to use the brand name in ads.

Learn more about Adrank in our article here on bidding strategies.

However, if you sell the branded product (i.e. you sell HP printers of Apple iPhones)  then you will likely have a targeted product page so it would make sense to use the branded keyword.

Here you can also change the language of the keywords you’re targeting, and the target location.

The tool is set to your country (location) but you can change this if you wish. 

Currency on the other hand cannot be changed and is determined by the currency used in the Google Ads account (i.e. very frustrating that you can’t change the currency – Google please fix!). 

However, if you’re looking to target more specific groups, either with SEO or paid ads, you’ll need to change the location to what you think you want to target as you will get different results for locations (countries, states, shires, counties, zip codes, postcodes etc).

You can also enter a domain to use as a filter, which can be helpful in a similar way to excluding keywords containing brand names.

For example, excluding “” from a search for “hair straighteners” will remove any products sold by that brand from your keyword list.

Just be cautious if you’re using this option as it could exclude keywords unnecessarily.

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