How to advertise luxury services on Google Ads –

Yes, I presume most of you reading this already know it, but that’s not always the case with clients, who sometimes have different ideas about the website, so to speak.

I will try to briefly cover what is important to have website-wise and why it is so.

First off, I have never seen a $1000 website in this niche that was worth the money.

Cheap websites are definitely NOT going to allow you to run a successful Ads campaign on them.

No matter how good you might be with Ads, you are still running a problem of channeling all that traffic to a bad website where people just won’t convert.

I know, shocking.

This goes double for luxury and high-priced services. If you plan on charging five-star prices, you got to have a five-star website.

It has to be meticulously created, with excellent UI/UX.

If I have to put it shortly – it has to provide a seamless experience every step of the way, while also giving an unmistakable impression that whatever the visitor came in for is going to cost them.

To be fair, the website also doesn’t have to be overly expensive as well, but it needs to have all the characteristics I have listed above.

An expensive website can also be done badly – mostly because clients are very stubborn in their demands on how the website should look like.

The most obvious examples are high-end restaurants and event spaces.

Run a few quick Google searches and you are bound to see at least one with one or more unique and impractical features.

To give you an example from my personal experience – I took over running Ads for a certain event space in Manhattan which had absolutely atrocious results, with CPA of over $1100.

Manhattan event space market IS competitive, but it’s not THAT competitive.

Taking a closer look at the website, it was apparent that even if you wanted to rent their space, it was incredibly difficult to get in touch with them.

The main page consisted of 4 sliders that moved vertically, they couldn’t be stopped, there were no CTAs and the menu was very difficult to find.

Reworking the website immediately solved the problem and brought down the CPA to $120. Problem solved.

The website also needs to have excellent loading times, especially for mobile phones, as long loading times can quite negatively affect the conversion rate (CVR).

Adding website chat is a must in 2020 and can give you a significant boost in engagement and conversion rates.

I have accounts where chat accounts up to 30% of all conversion from Ads, so I highly recommend that you get it on your website as well.

Be prepared to have some low-quality leads, that’s the one downside of it.

Adding AMP (accelerate mobile pages) whenever possible can be very beneficial, as I have had several keywords where the quality score was tanked because of lack of AMP, even though every other KPI imaginable was excellent.

I’ll be leaving out split testing and A/B testing for later in the article, even though you may feel that this segment would be its natural place.

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