What Are T1 Line Service Providers?

T1 line service providers refer to organizations that provide fiber telephone lines. These lines can transmit more data than what the normal phone lines can do. This revolutionary technology was invented by AT&T labs. They have managed to complement the twisted pair cables that have been in existence for many years.

Twisted pair cables usually use the analog signals to perform the transmissions. This is however being replaced with the new technology which can also transmit digital signals. The fiber optic cables are typically made from glass fibers. This media is still not common as most people still use the twisted pair cable.

A normal cable usually can transmit data at the speed of thirty thousand bits per second. It typically uses a dial up modem. On the other hand, a T1 line can be able to transmit up to 1.544 megabits per second. In fact, since it has ability to handle large volumes of data, diving in egypt it is possible to use T1 line to transmit over twenty digitized channels. This characteristic is what makes it a most suitable solution for a telephone service in a building.

Another typical application is the transmission of sound data on a network. T1 lines can facilitate faster transmission of data of up to sixty times faster than the normal speed that twisted pair cabling can achieve. If you run a business that requires more than eight telephone lines, it will be cheaper for you to acquire these lines. Since you will only need one line for your office, you will reduce the telecommunication related expenditures and in addition, you will benefit from the improved speeds.

The exact cost of the dedicated line depends on a variety of factors. The biggest influence is the distance between your office and the telecommunication company. Although the prices were initially very high when the technology was first introduced into the market, the costs now have considerably gone down. It is because of the growing demand coupled with improving infrastructure.

There are different types of fibers that can be used in telephony. For instance, รับเพิ่มยอดติดตามไลน์ there are T3 lines that provide even faster speed. They can achieve speed of up to 44.7 megabits per second. These impressive speed can be used to manage entire call centers that have a good number of phones that are supported without downtime. There is also less probability of electromagnetic interference and attenuation.


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