Travelling in Russia After the Domodedovo International Airport Bombing

International media outlets and news sources are painting a grim picture of recent events at the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia. It would be easy to take the images at first glance and consider Russia to be a dangerous travel destination, bombreport however the latest events should not act as a complete deterrent to people considering travelling to this unique and beautiful country.

In the mid-afternoon of January 24th 2011, a suspected terrorist suicide bomber struck in the middle of a crowded baggage claim area at Domodedovo International Airport. The explosion claimed the lives of at least 35 people and left many more with injuries.

Domodedovo International Airport is one of the key gateways for international tourists entering or leaving the country. In 2010 the airport serviced approximately 22.25 million passengers and 211,907 aircraft movements, whybitcoinprice and reported customer growth of over 19 percent. In 2009 the airport was granted approval to service New Large Aicraft operations, meaning the runways and terminals could now handle large airplanes like the Airbus A380. Since August 2004, the airport has spent in excess of USD 20 million on security measures and new detection equipment. Domodedovo International Airport was one of the first facilities anywhere in the world to implement and utilize full body scanners on all of its checkpoints. By the end of its current expansion plans, the airport will effectively double its annual passenger capacity. In all respects the Domodedovo International Airport is a modern, secure, and fully functioning facility.

It cannot be denied that the tragic bombing of the vybecandy airport is a terrible event which will affect countless people. We cannot fathom the turmoil that the friends, families and victims of the bombing are experiencing, and we would not even consider downplaying the tragedy of the event. However, it must be remembered that attacks on such prominent targets with high concentrations of overseas citizens are very uncommon, and tourists in Russia are considered to be safe when sticking to well travelled and well known routes and destinations.

As with travelling to virtually any country, some degree of danger is inherently present, ufa168live and Russia is no different. However it is also not worse than other countries, and should be considered as safe as all other major destinations. Anyone who is left unassured can rest easy in the knowledge that the security technology utilized at Domodedovo International Airport is at the same security technology standard that was implemented in the USA within the last two years. Further, the attack has already spurred talks regarding the potential for future upgrades to security methods, in an effort to increase travel efficiency while ensuring passenger safety.

As with travel to any destination around the world, tourists flying to Russia should consult their local authorities about travel safety. Governments will always be able to inform travellers of potentially unsafe zones in most countries. Typically, tourists travelling to Russia and staying in areas aimed at tourist are unlikely to encounter dangerous areas. Most importantly, chronicleshub anyone travelling to Russia should follow common sense and research their particular destination. The probability of being at all effected by terrorist activities is so ignorable and small that travellers should not waste their times concerning themselves with such an unlikely event.


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