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The days of the garage mechanic are numbered except when working on older cars designed before engine diagnostic computerisation was available. All you have to do is look under the hood and realise many things have changed over the years. You can’t even see many of the engine components anymore, quartzbanger because they are hidden inside enclosed units. Accessing the components requires specialised tools and training.

What has truly caused the major แทงบอล77 changes in car repairs is the use of electronics and computers. Everything from components to circuit boards to computerised diagnostic equipment is now used meaning the simple wrench and screwdriver is going the way of the dinosaurs. Yes…hand tools are used but they are specially designed to fit into odd angled components and many now provide digital readouts.

Listening to Your Car

But of all the radical changes Mobiele bar in car repair services is the use of mobile diagnostic equipment like that found on the Mobile Car Care vans. What was once only possible in a repair workshop using large bulky machinery can now be done by plugging mobile computerised diagnostic equipment into the car in order to get a readout of the problem.

There is a variety supermoz of diagnostic equipment used in roadside or on-the-spot testing including mechanical, electrical, component, transmission and air conditioning equipment which test for malfunctions. The equipment produces fault codes which are the equivalent of your car “talking” to the mechanic.

Of course, mobile mechanic getting codes and knowing what to do with those codes are two very different things. The codes are simply clues to the problems and must be matched to the comprehensive set of code descriptions available in software programs. The Mobile Car Care mechanic is a fully qualified and highly trained service technician who spends many hours learning how to successfully operate the diagnostic equipment and interpret the results.

The Auto Detective

Auto mechanics are like detectives looking for the culprit wreaking havoc in the car. Tracking the problem means first testing the components and systems and then isolating the specific problem. Testing includes using both hand-held and mobile van installed diagnostic computers. luxurylinensireland

Fault codes indicate something is not operating within manufacturer benchmarked standards. The technician gets the code readouts and then uses an online computer to look up the description of the problems which the fault codes documents. The goal is to repair the auto in a way that components once again operate within established standards.

Training to Be the Best

The Mobile Car Care mechanics must be able to handle the sophisticated diagnostic equipment on their mobile repair vans. The mechanics attend state certified apprenticeship training programs and spend many additional hours in training workshops in order to stay current with technological advances. As a member of VACC, natu-real Mobile Car Care has access to the most current technical auto repair information available in the industry.

Mobile Car Care mechanics are really technicians in every sense of the word. After many hours of training, they are fully qualified to use the computer diagnostic equipment which includes that needed to evaluate braking systems, transmissions, air conditioning units, electronic components, Hurghada Excursions electrical systems, onboard upgrades such as global positioning systems, ignition systems, fuel injection systems, and emission control systems.

Computers are so integrated into the auto manufacturing and repair industry, that diagnostic equipment is now designed to fit on the mobile vans or in handheld tools. This means the mobile mechanic who shows up to repair your vehicle is bringing the equivalent of a large service workshop right to your car. But even more importantly is that your mechanic is a highly competent VACC member and can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem with your car or van. For more info please visit here:-


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