One of the most common problems

One of the most common problems when having kiintolevy a knife we use often is that they dull out and cannot cut the way we need them to. In the high demand workplace of the restaurant or the high demand life of being outdoors a sharp knife is an essential tool and requirement in those environments.

I’ve heard stories of chef’s spending hundreds of dollars for these special machines to sharpen their knives which nearly daily need sharpening because of their hungergamestrilogy large amount of daily usage. After hearing about this product I decided to look into it. I believe I may have found a possible solution to a common problem.

The AccuSharp Knife Sharpener takes the large machines, and complex tools out of the equation. It’s a simple and efficient tool that does the job with very little effort and fast results in seconds.

The Sharpening Blades

The blades are unique because they are made of tungsten carbide. I had no idea what they material was even though I am a Chemistry minor, wiraingames so I did some research. It’s a combination of tungsten, carbon and cobalt. This is a highly useful mineral in the industrial businesses made for cutting tools, drilling and mining, as projectile armor piercing bullets, and jewelry. It’s 4 times as hard as titanium, 2 times harder than steel is, and resists heat better than both metals.

The sharpening blades because of their hardness allows for a very quick and easy sharpening with very little pressure required to sharpen any knife whether it be a straight edge, serrated edge, cleaver, ax, or machete.

A hand guard is thoughtfully added as a safeguard and the sharpening process needs only be setup the first time for every sharpening afterwards to take only a couple quick swipes. The v-notch conforms the knives edge to the sharpener and needs probably 10 seconds worth of sharpening to really get the fit. Afterwards it takes only moments for a honed edge.


Although the sharpening blades for the AccuSharp Knife Sharpener are made of a really high quality metal alloy, they will still wear over time. Luckily, stickwargames because of the design of the knife sharpener, the blades can be easily flipped around doubling the longevity of the sharpener. From customer feedback the sharpener can last from 5-10 years depending upon usage.

Proposition 65

Next to the product description on Amazon was this warning. When you sharpen knives you are wearing away the metal and what this warning is saying is that metal can cause cancer and birth defects if inhaled or ingested. I assume that if you work with knives regularly it’s common knowledge to wash your knives after sharpening them, but as an added measure I’ll say it again. Wash your knives คาสิโนออนไลน์ immediately after sharpening them. It’s just a good idea.


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