The data identified by the rich snippet HTML tags can also be used to define a knowledge graph. You will have encountered the end product of these knowledge graphs when you search online. For example, when you search for a specific athlete, you may encounter data fields that tell youContinue Reading

In order to write Google Ads copy you need to have a good understanding of features and benefits and the differences in each to your customer. Features and benefits are an important part of any Google ad. Effectively explaining the features and benefits of your product is vital to convincingContinue Reading

One of the reasons advertisers are so drawn to social media ads is the vast majority of targeting options from all the interests and behaviors readily available. To compete with brands such as Facebook, Google has been increasing its number of interests, known as affinity audiences and in-market audiences.  OtherContinue Reading

One of the great features of Google Analytics is the ability to create audiences. Though the platform also offers preset audiences, you can customize your own unique audience based on interests, age, gender, nationality, and other important factors. This will help you narrow down your target audience for your campaigns. Continue Reading