Importance of Blogging
Have you ever thought about what a blogger does to keep posting new content on a regular basis without ever running out of ideas? There are some bloggers that are sure to leave you wondering how they write regular content. It is not difficult to see their impressive writing abilities. For example, Seth Godin updates his blog often with new and fresh blog posts. When I was first given the opportunity to blog I was skeptical that I would be capable of writing. However, as time passed I've realized that blogging isn't difficult. Over the last three years, I have gained a lot of knowledge about blogging. I've written content for various websites and blogs. But, I'm still trying to learn more about writing so that I become a better prolific writer. Being a blogger is all about learning how to blog. Blogs aren't as complicated as people might think. Here are the most significant blogs that will show you how to blog, and how to become a better blogger. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) If you're starting a freelancing writing business, the blog will greatly help you by providing advice on how to go about your writing business that is freelancing. Any person who knows how to use computers is now able to create blogs. There is no need to worry about the technical side because there are blogging programs such as WordPress and Empower Network that have simplified blogging. The importance of blogging 1.) Blogging is Interesting: There is something you truly love performing (your passion). Create an online blog and start writing about your passion. Blogs will help you learn more about your passion. You'll be amazed by the amount of attention you'll receive from the people around you. For more detail please visit:-  2.) Use of free Time: Blogging isn't just a waste of time. If it were wasted time, we wouldn't have numerous blogs at the moment. Instead of you being idle for the majority of your free time, you should create your own blog and start writing. This will cause you doubt what you need to do to keep engaged whenever you find yourself with free time. 3.) Inspiring Others: Blogging has made it possible for people to support one another even though they have never met each other. People discuss their problems and help one another. For instance, here is the quote I found that helped me understand how blogs have made it easier for people to seek support from people "I had issues with depression and anxiety disorder, and I was afraid that not posting about it made me create a false picture. When I finally spoke out about the problems I was having I was awestruck - not only by the support I received, but also by the sheer number of people who had admitted that they struggled with the same issue. "- Jenny Lawson I actually encourage more youths to start blogging to help inspire other youths who are facing various challenges like starting a new business managing a business, advancing career, unemployment, how to overcome substance abuse etc. 4.) How to Make Money On The Internet Start writing blogs to earn cash online, if you've not yet found your dream job. There are numerous opportunities online which you could use your blog to earn income. It is possible to start blogging to earn money, or be hired as blogger. You can use your blog to promote affiliate marketing, or you can utilize your blog to market products online to customers. The possibilities to earn money online from a blog are endless. It is upon you to make a decision on how you'll earn money online blogging. 5.) Gaining Exposure and Attracting Prospective Employers: Blogging exposes to potential employers that you are an authority in your area of expertise. You'll be considered an expert when you share informative information on your blog as well as on other blogs that allow guest blogging. A few people will seek your advice, while they will refer people to check out your writing. Blogs can also showcase your creativity, talent, dedication and passion. "Blogging is a great method to display your talents and interests to prospective employers, and also add the edge on your resume. If you keep a blog, it will show your dedication to your passions, interests and enthusiasm-all of which are important qualities employers seek in prospective employees. "- Lauren Conrad 6.) Blogging Improves Your Writing Skills If you keep blogging, you will eventually become an improved writer. You'll learn how to express your thoughts more effectively. Writing on blogs improves your writing abilities as well as your ability to interact with people. 7.) Marketing and building relationships between Customers and Customers. Blogs are essential in marketing. A blog can be a marketing tool and marketers should use blogs to inform people about the products they sell. Marketers must blog information regarding the products they're marketing to ensure that customers know the way these products will prove be beneficial to them in solving various issues. Blogging builds better connections between business and customers. Big Challenge in Blogging The main issue that bloggers (bloggers) confront is the lack of targeted traffic. Without targeted traffic, your blog can't grow. When you realize that your blog isn't receiving enough targeted traffic, you shouldn't quit. It's common for anyone to feel down due to failures, but giving up isn't a solution. The act of giving up creates another issue that hasn't found an effective solution. One of the best things you can do instead of abandoning your blog is to figure ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog. Then, why is your blog not receiving targeted traffic? Some of the reasons are like this: 1.) Your blog is yet to be known since it is still in its infancy. It needs exposure. 2.) There's not enough information on your blog that will draw people , and for search engines to rank your blog. 3.) The content you have published in your blog may not be quality. Publishing mediocre content on your blog may be the reason for why it lacks targeted traffic. 4.) The blog's niche could be the reason behind insufficient targeted traffic. If your blog's focus is an area that is not intense or one that people aren't keen on, then your blog is unlikely to attract a large amount of targeted visitors. 5.) You haven't started selling a product or service that solves the issue you're trying to solve, or you could be selling a product which isn't worth the cost. 6.) Your blog isn't optimized for search engines. There is no methods of search engine optimization to improve the performance of your blog. 7.) You haven't done list building and this has led you to not keep in contact with those who visit your blog. They come to your blog but don't remember to visit it again as they forget about the blog. 8.) Your blog hasn't caught the public's attention. Your blog doesn't have content that people would like to take a look at. There aren't any headlines on your blog that will capture the attention of viewers. You've not also uploaded images or videos that draw the attention of people. You're not offering giveaways. People love getting things for free! 9.) Your blog is full of grammar and spelling errors. It is not a good idea to spend time reading a website that has posts containing many spelling and grammar errors. 10.) Another reason that you may not get targeted traffic is that you are not paying attention to your readers and writing for search engines. In the process of optimizing your blog's position in search engines and not being focused on your readers could eventually cause your readers not visit your blog anymore. Ten ways to increase Traffic The process of driving specific traffic for your website is a process that must be ongoing. Here are ten strategies you can use to drive targeted traffic to your blog. 1.) Update Your Blog On A Regular Basis: You should start updating your blog frequently with fresh material that is distinctive and interesting if you've never been doing that. 2.) Quality Content and Not Quality Content: While it is true that it is important to update your blog with fresh content, it doesn't mean that you should replace it with content just for the sake of keeping it updated regularly. High-quality content is important in retaining your existing targeted traffic. Publishing content of high quality will attract readers want to come back to your site because they are aware that they'll gain significantly. 3.) Increase the visibility of your blog Utilize online marketing strategies that will ensure your blog gains exposure. A few of the online techniques you can utilize include social networks SEO methods, search engine optimization, viral marketing, pay per click Ads, Google AdWords etc. 4.) Keep in Touch with Your Customers: You need to build a list of your audience. Let the people who are frequenting your blog, give you their email addresses in exchange for a favor. Then, you'll contact them so that you remind them to check out your blog. 5.) Attract Attention of People: Get the attention of readers so they'll keep coming back to your blog. Make headlines that grab people's attention to browse through your blog's posts. You should also post images, videos and infographics as well as pictures on your blog posts in order that they grab the attention of people. 6.) Make sure to avoid Spelling and Grammar Errors Check your writing for errors. Have someone else go through your article before publishing they on the site. This is to make sure that your posts don't have spelling and grammar mistakes. 7.) Engage Your Customers 7.) Engage your readers. Ask them questions and let them comment on your blog articles. Answer their comments. In this way, your readers will know that you appreciate them and value their opinions. Your audience will trust them and will keep coming to your blog and refer people to visit your blog. 8.) Let Guest Bloggers Blog: You should invite experts to contribute content to your blog. If you permit experts in your field of specialization to blog for you, your blog will gain an excellent recognition. People will feel confident in your blog and thus, your blog will appear to be authoritative. 9.) Quality Products: Selling high-quality products will make people want to check out your website. The word of mouth can spread much faster about your blog if it's selling top-quality products that address some specific issue that other products haven't been able to solve. 10.) Buy Traffic The purchase of traffic is a good way to get people to know your blog. There are numerous websites that specialize in the sale of traffic.

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