How To Get Your First 500 Visitors To Your Blog
There are a variety of ways to promote your blog and receive visitors. Some are successful but others don't. In this article I will give you my top ways to advertise your blog and receive your first 500 visitors. Ask yourself why do you want traffic? Why would you like people to come to your blog? Is it selling your item or another's product as an affiliate? The most effective way to drive traffic to your blog is to offer visitors the chance to download free content of high quality which they can download right away. If you provide visitors with top quality content that they can use right away and experience results, they will remember you, and even more importantly, they will be able to remember where they got the information you provide on your blog. Quality Content Is King! ! In order to draw visitors to your blog, it is important to offer them a reason why they should come to your blog to begin with. This is the reason why it is important to improve their livesso that when they quit your blog they have learnt something that can make their lives better and boosts the chance of success. If you write content of quality, other blogs within your field will link to your site and this will increase the amount of traffic to your blog. If you create content for your blog, you should spend the extra time and effort to put more quality into your posts that other bloggers do This will give your posts a higher likelihood of being read until the end and also your blog receiving more traffic from your posts. For more detail please visit:-  You should aim to incorporate 10 times more value into your blog's posts than other blogs are doing in their blog posts. You do not wish to be as great than your competition, but you want to be 10x betterthan your competition, you want your blog to be the website that potential customers go to. The only way you will differentiate yourself from other blogs is to put that special something in your blog posts. Be sure that your content is unique, well-studied properly written and properly constructed. Blog Design And layout. There is no point in producing quality content if the blog's design and layout are rubbish. What happens if you receive 1000 people visiting your blog and they quit after a single visit and never return due to the fact that your layout and design is terribly unfriendly and unfriendly. The navigation of a blog must be an exercise, and your potential visitors must be able to navigate your blog with ease and be aware of what next steps to take and not think about what they should do next. Provide your readers with a "map" to help them decide where to go next in your blog, make it simple for your visitors to find what they're looking for. Once they've read one article, what's the next step? Are they looking for a different post , or is the following step purchasing a product? After a post show them where to go next, keep the momentum up, and ensure that your customers are on your blog for a while. Make sure your blog's layout is simple however, your blog layout should have an enormous impact. I have seen a lot of blogs that try to squeeze too many things into their layouts that confuse visitors (information overflow) and they are forced to leave looking for another blog that can provide the answers that are searching for. This is the formula that you can apply to your blog. Nice looking theme: Choose a theme that is a source of appeal and is easy to read. Select a theme that is easy to navigate so that users can find what they are looking for. If you really want to give your blog impact you should hire someone to create your theme for you. Let them know what you would like your blog theme to look like and they'll come up with this for you. This is going to cost money, but as the saying goes "you need to spend money to make money". Good Content Examine the content that is of high quality in the the king section. Be sure that your content is powerful, useful and provides them with something to consider. With the many blogs to choose from, you must make sure your blog is the best choice for your potential customers. The only way to achieve this is to provide them high-quality content. What Are You? To stand out among the other blogs within your niche, you need to create an impression on your visitors. The most effective way to do this is by showing them your personality, and make your about page an experience that makes your potential customers to want to learn more about your company. Your photo should be in your header, and then put your About Me page in your sidebar. It is important to make your prospects feel at in their element. There are many who just want to make money but don't spend the time to develop that personal touch. The more your customers trust you the higher the chance you have of making an eventual sale. If you put these three elements of the formula you can expect a massive increase in the number of visitors to your blog. If you have visitors who visit your blog, there are ways of increasing the chances your visitors will return. One way to do this is to use RSS feeds (people subscribe to your RSS feed and will be emailed when you add new posts). RSS feeds can be extremely effective in increasing the chances of returning readers to your blog. Make sure that your RSS feed icons are visible and place your RSS feed in your sidebar, at the bottom of your blog posts, and on your About Me page. Another way to convince a your prospect to keep coming back is to include them on your newsletter list. When your prospects open your newsletter, they will come across an email by you, and they will open it. This is your chance to add value to your prospects and show them your value as the top option.  

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