Bathroom Vanity Furniture – Size Matters
In the present Real Estate market the return on investment for a Bathroom remodel can range between 80 - 90%. The most important thing, of course, is to plan, and select wisely prior to purchasing your bathroom fixtures. Bathroom vanity furniture is available in various sizes, heights and sizes. Since the vanity is generally the sole piece of furniture that you purchase to furnish your bathroom, getting it in the correct place is vital. Three important things to consider when shopping for a bathroom vanity are; height, width and design. A bathroom measurement is the initial step in planning any remodeling. This will allow you to get an accurate idea of the locations of various items like windows, doors, and electrical outlets. These fixtures are crucial to consider when allocating space for your bathroom vanity furniture. There must be enough room to allow the door of the bathroom to swing freely without hitting your newly purchased vanity. Maintaining the different electrical outlets open, and available, is also a must. There can also be restrictions in local building codes that govern the location of vanities that are close the electrical outlet. Accidently Bathroom Vanities covering over the only outlets in the bathroom could cause further functional issues. The proximity to other elements such as the toilet, tub and shower, must be taken into consideration as well. You always want to leave sufficient space to enable easy cleaning and for a bigger person to feel at ease in the space. There are not specific standards for the dimensions of the bathroom vanity. However , taking time to think about who the main guests using your bathroom will be can help you choose the appropriate height. If the bathroom is to be used by family members and guests, then choosing the traditional 32-34 inch cabinet is sensible. Make sure that the cabinets are higher than the standard height are difficult for a child to control, while anything less than standard is uncomfortable for the majority of adults. Bathrooms of today are trending to use taller bathroom vanity furniture, that are more like those cabinets that are found in every kitchen. But it's your bathroom, therefore designing it to meet your specific needs, while incorporating your desired style elements, is really the most significant aspect. The width of the vanity is important. The first thing to consider is how large it can be, and still fit through the bathroom door. Bathroom vanities are often pre-constructed; however, there are expandable or collapsible vanities available. The design of these vanities allows them to be put in any bathroom regardless of the restrictions placed by a bathroom door that is narrow. The swing of the vanity door, as well as the size of the drawer, need to be taken into consideration. An unbalanced vanity cabinet that's too large could result in a narrow space, and limited human movement. It is essential to consider that Bathroom Vanity there needs to be enough room for the door of your bathroom to open with ease without damaging your new furniture. Door dings make a mess, and they can occur if the space it too tight. A tight fit can cause hazards for safety, and when planned properly, can be avoided. The style of your cabinets is also crucial. The style of the cabinet sets the tone of your bathroom's style. Be aware that a vanity cabinet that is either too big or too tall can make your bathroom feel cramped, and cramped, however one that is too small for the space can appear cluttered and out of style. If choosing a vessel sink, the top of the cabinet needs to be lower than what is standard in order for the sink's height to allow for the bowl to be easily reached. The use of a vessel sink, however, does allow for more drawers, as well as under cabinet storage space. A standard recessed sink limits this available space. As the bathroom is the space that is used by everybody, often a day, problems with the design will be noticed fast, and may be expensive to correct. Make sure you make the right selection. Deciding on the bathroom vanity furniture would best suit the space available is a good point to begin. It will help towards your overall satisfaction once you're finished by transforming your bathroom.  

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