Why Don’t More Politicians Become Statesmen?: 5 Possibilities!
One of the main problems facing the United States as well as any other nation, in trying to keep democratic elections,, is, while, statesmen are needed as public representatives, the process offers a variety of choices between politicians, instead! Aren't we far - better - off, if, once elected, citizens took the oath to serve and changed into a stateman who prioritized, serving and representing all of his customers (rather than just his most loyal supporters), instead of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, selfish interests? We need bipartisan, cooperative public leaders who act using common sense, and realize the full range of their duties and responsibilities, and proceed in a manner that is consistent with their responsibilities, we appear to witness, constantly, populist politicians, and/ or those who run be well-funded, and have a good track record and are elected frequently and not better trained individuals! With, that in mind this article will try to briefly, consider, study, evaluate and consider 5 possible reasons, for why our system seems to be brokenand in need of repair sooner, instead of later! For more detail please visit:- Gazetem Ege http://www.brightonjournal.co.uk/ Cloud KMU https://njmcdirecting.com/ 1. Money has too much influence and power within American the political system:While, most other countries, with in a way, free elections, our campaigns, often, go for a good portion of one year, whereas in other countries the campaigning period is restricted to a limited time generally, approximately 90 days! In other countries, campaigns are limited in the amount they spend! In our country large, well financially - financed advertising and campaigns are largely supported by special interest organizations, etc! 2. Not enough good senseAfter, over four decades, of personal involvement in a variety of campaigns for political office, as well in writing about politics etc, I have come to strongly believe, that, unfortunately, instead of common sense being used this seems to be one of the rarest of things, in the people elections we make! 3. Political agenda / personal/ self - interest, versus, the greater - best:A statesman, would be looking for ways to get things done, which are the highest priorities, and needs, of the country, as well as our citizens. However, we often, witness, politicians, prioritizing their personal/ political agenda, self - interest, as well as personal gain, - more! 4. Making the wrong choices:Voters often elect the incorrect people, as they make decisions based on little, or inaccurate information or data and make their decisions based on their fears and personal interests (in the short-term), and popularity, rather than, choosing those who has the most innovative strategies, ideas and attitude to get what's required, done, with pragmatic thinking, and responsible governance! 5. Populist politics, instead of sustainable, viable solutions:Populist politicians, often, employ empty promises and words, to ensure that they are elected even if the final outcome, is likely to be, less - than - than - perfect! Rather, we would benefit from choosing to elect people, without, rose-colored glasses who thought up and, introduced, and implemented viable, sustainable solutions! Wake awake, America Get up and pay attention to your choices prior to granting anyone your vote! We need more statesmen, instead of the same old, same old! Richard has owned businesses and has served as COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands of leaders, held personal development workshops, and was involved in political campaignsfor over four decades. Rich has written three books as well as thousands of articles.

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