5 Tips For Boosting Your Article Popularity
You've put in the effort of writing and submitting an article, and now you're looking for something you can do after the fact to draw more attention to it. There are many article marketing strategies that could improve the quality of your article's visibility Most of them can be programmed to work automatically, saving you time as well as increasing the effectiveness of your articles. Here are five more ways to make your articles more visible: 1 1. Facebook and Twitter The two major social media platforms are great places to post itechways your article. Don't fret that it's likely require a lot of time or that you need to keep track of when to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts when you publish an article. There's no need to remember or work to do when you set up your Twitter feed by using a free service such as TwitterFeed. With TwitterFeed it is possible to use your article RSS feed to refresh the content on your Twitter and Facebook accounts each time you post new content. You can even program the text to be displayed prior to the link to your blog to something like "Here's my latest article" or something similar. Most likely , your preferred article directory will provide an RSS feed for your articles. This feed is a straightforward method to promote your articles after they are already ที่พักแสมสาร ติดทะเล ปิ้งย่างได้ published in the directory. 2 - Automatically updating your blog and website It's a great idea to utilize your article's RSS feed to send automatic updates to your blog as well as your website. On your blog you can configure things so that your latest article titles along with extracts (along with a link to the article ) are displayed in the side bar. On your website you could dedicate the entire page to your latest and recent articles. That way anybody who's looking at your site or blog will be able to easily find the valuable content you've written. Additionally, you are building backlinks to your articles that aid in the search engine ranking. 3. Use bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and other such sites. In your preferred article directory, there's probably an application that allows you to share your content to various bookmarking websites directly through the article directory. You can also visit the bookmarking website and suggest your article. When you save an article or other piece of online content you're saying to your friends, "Hey, take a look at this. I recommend it to you." This can be a fantastic help in gaining exposure for your content. However, you must also make recommendation to other content that aren't your own. Otherwise it can hurt your visit>>  https://www.ailoq.com/ credibility, especially if it appears you're just recommending your own writing. 4. Article updates to your Squidoo lens Squidoo lens is a Squidoo lens is basically an online page you create on some aspect of your topic. If you're writing content, includes photos or surveys and all sorts of interesting things. One thing you can include is a section that will be automatically updated with the title brief description, and a link to your latest articles. You can also utilize your article's RSS feed to create the auto updates. 5. The 5 - The resource boxes of your article It's possible that you haven't thought of this previously However, you can try linking to a previous similar article in the resource box. When you create the link, you should use the key phrase you've used in the other article as anchor text to the link. It's worth it! Article marketing is a very multidimensional tool for publicizing your site and gaining more visibility in search engines. If you consider how you can use your articles after they are already published, it's amazing to think of how one article could be so influential. Which of these simple tips can you apply to boost the visibility of your post?

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